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Vintage Dug's Whorehouse Nevada Brothel Decanters COMPLETE Set 46+3 READ DETAILS

Vintage Dug's Whorehouse Nevada Brothel Decanters COMPLETE Set 46+3 READ DETAILS

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Vintage Dug's Whorehouse Nevada Brothel Decanters COMPLETE Set 46+3 READ DETAILS

This in an incredibly rare opportunity to purchase a COMPLETE collection of all 46 Nevada Brothel decanters from Dug Picking and his West Indies Restaurant. If you are not familiar with this collectible series, it is worth looking it up. I have not been able to find any record of a complete collection have been sold. Ever.

These miniature decanters (I think 2 oz) were made in numbers as few 700 ranging to only 1,500. Dates range from the mid/late 1970s thru the early 1990s. This means each Brothel decanter is a limited edition and at least 30 years old. Almost all of the decanters have a map to the brothel on the back. There is an assortment of empty and some still with contents. Due to age, I would not advise using any of the contents. 

Two additional Dug's decanters are included in this collection, Arizona Charlie's and Julia Bulette. There are 10 decanters that do not have their original boxes. The remaining 39 decanters have their original boxes (nothing fancy). I do not see any damage to any of the ceramics. There are 2 where the cork has dried out and broke and 2 where the cork dried, expanded and does not fit in the decanter neck. 1 decanter has leaked its contents during storage. This is #1 from 1976 in the collection, as such, I have not cleaned this as to not disturb anything. There is 1 duplicate in this collection which replaces one of the dried cork decanters.

Due to the size, weight, value of this collection, I will be overpacking and shipping in an oversized heavy-duty box with shipping insurance.

I will include a couple of books to the winning buyer. 
  1. The Legend of Julia Bulette and The Red Light Ladies of Nevada
  2. The Official Guide to the Best Cat Houses in Nevada

Please see pictures for details. 1st picture in gallery is an old photo from Dug's Decanters website circa 2011 showing the complete collection.

Inventory of Decanters included (not in series order):
  1. PJ's Lucky Strike Bar
  2. Mabel’s
  3. Donna’s Bar
  4. Calico Club Desert Club Battle Mountain
  5. Patcia’s Hacienda
  6. Kit Kat Ranch
  7. Moonlight Ranch - leaked – uncleaned
  8. Hawthorne Doll House
  9. Big Four
  10. Club Mona Lisa
  11. Joy of Paris
  12. Joe & Sally Conforte’s Mustang Ranch
  13. Shamrock
  14. Kit Kat Ranch 25th Anniversary
  15. Billie’s Day-N-Night
  16. Frans Ranch
  17. Lucky Strike - lady above the knees cork detached
  18. PJ's Lucky Strike Bar – DUPLICATE - cat cork dried and does not fit in decanter
  19. Bobbie’s Buckeye Bar
  20. La Belle
  21. Barbara’s My Place Bar
  22. Kitty’s Guest Ranch
  23. Salt Wells
  24. Simone’s
  25. Joe Conforte’s Triangle River Ranch
  26. The Chicken Ranch
  27. Chicken Ranch
  28. Sherri’s Ranch
  29. Joe Conforte’s New Mustang Ranch #2
  30. Desert Club
  31. Joe Conforte’s Mustang Bridge Ranch - horse head cork detached
  32. Irish’s Combination Bar
  33. Old Bridge Ranch
  34. Carol’s Stardust
  35. Moonlight Ranch
  36. Penny’s Cozy Corner Bar
  37. Valley of the Dolls
  38. Jenny’s D&D
  39. Sharon’s
  40. Julia Bulette – not brothel Edition #0428
  41. The Green Lantern – top is detached from cork
  42. Janie’s Ranch
  43. Joe Conforte’s Mustang Ranch
  44. Inez’s D&D
  45. Sagebrush Ranch
  46. Calico Club
  47. Arizona Charlie’s – not brothel
  48. Pussy Cat Saloon
  49. Cherry Patch
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